Thursday, February 18, 2010

Secret Builders

Im not really for sure what is the main point of the game Secret builders..I dont even know why it's called secret builders, but I do like this game better than I liked Poptropica. I didn't have technical peoblems at any point while I was playing the game. From what I could tell it was mostly teens playing the game so I would recommend it for the teenage level.The only educational value I found was a few of the games had information about past history.

Also, they have rules about what you say to others on the game you can't ask any personal questions like where your from your real name or any other personal things that could put you in danger. Also you can't use any foul language like bad words or put downs...if you see others doing these things you can report them, and they could be kicked off of Secret Builders. In the game you can buy magic or trade furniture or other things in your house to get magic. Other people do the spells on you and they aren't nice they make you look silly like being turned into a rat or a chicken. Also they can make your head shrink or get really big.Overall I would say it was a pretty cool game!

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