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Loving Life The life by katisa

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

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An Interesting First Date!

What in the world Trey!What are you doing? Um nothing...well whatever your doing stop and come over here the movies about to start and I got the snacks.Okay, so what are we watching? Wait it's not some boring chick flick like you and your posse watch right? No i decided to get a scary movie for our first date. Okay so let me see put it in,and if you get scared you know I'm right here..uh sure whatever, but just to let you know I don't get scared, and i wouldn't get all manly if i were you its pretty scary. Okay it's starting so be quiet.What's going on why are they running? Just watch and stop trying to put your arm around me.A few hours past and the movie ended...okay Trey the movies over, wait are you hiding? No, I lost my contact, and i just found it. I didn't think you had contacts...uh sure I do.Well don't worry it's just a movie. Oh my gosh what was that? Nothing Trey chill out, wait what was that that just went out the door?I thought you don't get scared! Ya of movies ,but this is real life.Wow, i can't believe this is happening. I didn't think there really were ghosts, and goblins, and things that go bump in the night. Well Trey that's because it's just my dad. Oh that makes more since. Wait i don't remember my dad having fur!!

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Glogster is a very cool site! It has a very creative way of making kinda like a poster. You have so many different ways to customize and make it your own. It can be used in presentations, stories, and for showing information. So go try it and use it in many more different ways!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My fairy tale story

A Tale Of Two Sisters

Once upon a time there were two donkey sisters. The first sister Maybell was a girl who admired the simple life. She was content with what she had, and knew she was so blessed. However, Maybell had a sister who felt very much the opposite.
You see Maybell and her sister Hailey lived in a small town, away from the hustle, and bustle of city life. In their rural area modern convenience was unheard.
When Maybell, and Hailey graduated high school they both had different plans for their futures, Maybell enjoyed the country lifestyle, and had strong ties to her family. She felt it the obvious choice to stay in her home town. Hailey aspired to move to the big city. She dreamed of wealth, popularity, and to fulfill all of her desires. Hailey's family was scared for her to move to the city. Her parents began to wonder what dangers lye ahead in her new lifestyle.
Before they knew it Hailey had moved out, and began trying to make it in the big city. Immediately on arrival Hailey knew the big city was different, the sounds, sights, and even smells, all revealed to her a new life. The excitement of a new place caused Hailey to love her new adventure. However, before long the new began to wear off. The constant chaos of the city madness caused Hailey to feel lonely even though she was surrounded by tons of people. Hailey began to miss the sweet smelling flowers, and quiet country roads of her home town. What Hailey missed most of all was the compassionate smiles of small town neighbors. Hailey tried to convince herself she was just homesick, but in her heart she knew she must return to her home and family.
Hailey was greeted by her sister, and family, and quickly realized she missed them more than she ever thought. She had never been more happy to be in her small country town. Most importantly she learned how valuable her family and friends were.

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Voicetread is really neat and helpful. I used it to explain my land form project which was really cool because i could circle what i was talking about. It would be really professional and organized to use for projects and presentations. Also its great for instructions on how to do something . So in conclusion voicethread would be a good idea for future assignments in school or even at a career where there is presenting.

About vocaroo

In my blog I've posted a few things as you can see! In one i have my Vocaroo which is a recorder it is useful for how i used it on my page telling about myself but it could also be used to get out news of something going on like a meeting or something special and you wanna get the word out.There are many other things it can used for. Its really cool and you should give it a try!!

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This is a picture of me from Befunky promoting my love for fried chicken!

I thought this picture was cool because it looks kinda likes there is a spotlight on me!

Aww, little pink bow!!

This one is cool! It looks like jean print over my face!!